Miss G-String International offers a wide range of support services for your events. Many are designed to increase revenue, others will assist with crowd control identification, security and permitted access, while others will address stage presence and sponsor awareness.


Banners have become so commonplace that they are often overlooked. They are traditionally horizontal and serve as price lists to promote event specials.

Vertical banners can drawn attention above normal sight level and can be used inside tents, under roof, or mounted to light poles or support beams. Banners can be produced in many sizes and installed with simple mounting procedures.

These banners will add color, created advertising impressions and can be produced at a very low cost, allowing the event promoter to market them to their vendors at a substantial profit.


Event credentials will identify V.I.P, JUDGE, MEDIA, and STAFF members. They can also be produced as postcards displaying related imagery on one side with an advertisers imagery and message on the reverse side.


The credentials can be produced using your images or ours with a choice of coatings and pre-drilled to attach a lanyard.


A welcome center directs various groups to check in and receive their credentials. A large WELCOME CENTER sign (32” x 48”) will make it easy for your guests to locate their destination.


Smaller SPONSORS, V.I.P, JUDGES, CONTESTANTS and MEDIA AND STAFF signs (16” x 20”) can be suspended over the attended tables to efficiently direct your guests to the appropriate staff member for assistance.


Postcards make inexpensive hand outs for “boots on the ground” marketing. They include the name and times of each event and fits easily into the attendees back pocket. They also make great additions to hotel check-in packages for your out-of-town attendees.

Companion posters can be produced in a variety of sizes and posted in hotels lobbies, gas stations and local restaurants to reinforce your message.


Billboards are great sources of exposure for your event. We can provide large format photography, creative design and proper file transfer to the billboard company to ensure the highest quality imagery featuring your brand and message.


Your print advertising must stand out with your event clearly identified. We can assist you with creative design, sizing and conversion to “print ready” PDF files, using your photographic imagery or ours.


A stage backdrop designed to appeal to your audience is invaluable. If filming for television broadcast occurs during your event, your backdrop will enhance the possibility of the network’s decision to use your event footage, creating immeasurable brand exposure.

Attendee’s cell phone images can be posted on Facebook and Twitter in real time during the event.


Outdoor stages often required scrims for backdrops. A scrims is a loosely woven screen that allow the breeze to pass through without tipping over this portable backdrop. Scrims can be produced in a variety of sizes, commonly 8’ x 8’ square.


We offer a full range of photographic services for your events. Our still imagery shown throughout this website include samples of live event, studio, on-location and candid photography.

We excel in live action photography, such as the biker shown in the “Wall of Death” photograph below...

To multiple camera video captures, shown from the subject’s view and what the videographers view from behind the lens.

From the studio photo shoot...to MAXIM magazine.
From a magnificent group...to MISS USA.
From being a Hooter’s girl...to a PLAYBOY PLAYMATE.

Our television broadcast quality video can be as simple as a two minute trailer to post on your website and Facebook, a thirty-second television commercial, or an hour long television feature.


Sponsors are partners. Why not support your sponsors by selecting a great photograph featuring their brand and a pretty contestant and have it made into a fine art print suitable for framing?

These 16” x 20” limited edition prints are produced on linen stock, numbered, titled and signed by the artist. The purchaser can buy a standard 16” x 20” frame from a local retailer or have the print custom matted and framed at a local art gallery.

Man cave art is proportionately the lowest cost / highest sale price item in your merchandise catalogue, with an 80% profit margin!